The Miss USA pageant this year allowed viewers to actively judge contestants’ wardrobes in real-time through multiple platforms. A website optimized for mobile phones and tablets was publicized on the screen and allowed users to rate on a scale from 1-10, the contestant’s outfit. As users voted, the average score would be displayed on TV, fluctuating until the voting period had ended.

The platform, built by iPowow, has also been used during broadcasts for the UFC, American Music Awards, and the Australian Federal Election. I was particularly interested because I had a similar concept that I put together for a college project. The goal of was to allow real-time crowd voting during the Winter Olympics in order to increase audience participation. The sentiment was similar in that viewers would be able to vote and judge an athlete’s performance, but it would not influence the actual scoring of official judges. The service would be available on multiple platforms with Internet connectivity, and the hope was that you could view a livestream of, for example, a figure skater, and along with viewers from around the World, cast your vote on a performance. I built an interactive prototype to demonstrate the UI using a figure skater as a possible scenario. Once the skater has finished her routine, the user can vote and view the average score of other viewers, as well as the official score given by the judges.