Most social networks offer free vanity URLs to users, for example, The newest, Google+ hasn’t enabled this feature, but I’m assuming they eventually will and tie it to your Google Profile name. If you don’t have your own domain and hosting, is a good alternative for a Google+ vanity URL. A post by MG Siegler¬†inspired me to create a subdomain on my personal domain ( and redirect it to my G+ profile. Hakim El Hattab shared it on his profile and a few other creative examples came along:

A few people have asked me how to do this, so I created a quick HTML file you can download, change some paramaters in an HTML editor like notepad or Dreamweaver and upload to your hosting for the same effect. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and extract this ZIP file
  2. Open the index.html file, change “######YOUR G+ ID######” with the long string of numbers you can grab from the URL of your Google+ profile (or change the entire URL for Twitter/LinkedIn), and Save.
  3. Create a directory in your root folder named “+” or “@” or “in”
  4. Upload the HTML file to that directory and you’re set!


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